The group

Head of the group: Prof. Dr. Jens Timmer

Secretary: Sonja Ambs, Phone +49 761 203 5928

The group:
Dr. Mohammad Hossein Yamani
Dr. Shakoor Pooseh
Dr. Kai von Prillwitz
Dr. Christian Tönsing
Dr. Marcus Rosenblatt
M.Sc. Svenja Kemmer
M.Sc. Daniel Lill
M.Sc. Lukas Refisch
M.Sc. Adrian Hauber
M.Sc. Franz-Georg Wieland
M.Sc. Severin Bang
M.Sc. Jacques Hermes
Toquinha Bergmann

Former members of the group, who obtained permanent scientific positions:

Former members of the group, in the order of disappearence: